It’s October, which means many creative minds are starting to turn toward the spooky, fanged, clawed, and winged. To celebrate, a small coven of writers has emerged from the darkness to share their harrowing delights with you. Each week, we will tour each other’s blogs and answer questions about our favorite spooky shenanigans. Look for more harrowing fun at:

Pat Esden’s Mythmaker Blog,

Author RJ Theodore,

It’s All In My Head (Author Ken Schrader)

Ramblings of a Writer (Author Anne Raven),

Author Janet Walden-West.

But now, on with the show!

Thanks for inviting me to drop by again and talk creepy things and dark doings during the first part of the “Two Questions With…Halloween Edition” blog hop.

1. Is there any difference between Horror and Thriller? If so, what is it?

For me, it’s a fine line between horror and thriller, and as authors, we often dash back and forth across that division willy-nilly. Both can be fast-paced and hair raising, with danger at every turn, and lives at stake.

However, the two really are different creatures. My defining feature for horror is gore. Horror has to have some gore, or at least the promise of it.

Thrillers on the other hand, may or may not rack up grizzly deaths but are one-
hundred percent time-sensitive. Horror might have an outside ticking clock, although usually it’s a race to get away from or kill the super-creepy antagonist. But there must be some sort of ticking clock amping up the action, sending my pulse and the tension into overdrive, for it to qualify as a thriller in my world.

2. What was the first book (who was the first Author) to frighten you in a story?

Not to be embarrassingly cliched but—Steven King. I don’t know how I stayed a
dog person after reading Cujo (illicitly, under cover of a World History textbook during Seventh Grade study period, so probably some karma/payback action going on there).


Janet Walden-West lives in the southeast with a pack of show dogs, a couple of
kids, and a husband who didn’t read the fine print.  She has an unseemly obsession with dusty artifacts, great cars, and bad coffee. A founding member of the East Tennessee Creative Writers Alliance and The Million Words craft blog, she is also a member of Romance Writers of America member. She pens Urban Fantasy that escapes the neat confines of the city limits in favor of map-dot hillbilly towns, and inclusive Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Romance. A #PitchWars alum, her first short story, Road Trip, is included in the Chasing the Light anthology.

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