Over on my Facebook page I’m doing a countdown to Black Pearl Dreaming’s release with teasers about the book each day. Can’t wait for everyone to find out what happens to Koi in Japan!

Oct 1: 15 days until Koi finds out what lies under the Tomb of Jesus in Aomori, Japan…….#blackpearldreaming #bookrelease  (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FPZ9KBW)

Oct 2:  14 days until Koi dreams of the Amur/Heilong (Black Dragon) River.

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Oct 3: 13 days until Koi meets Yuki Onna — the mythological Kind that might yet make her a monster #blackpearldreaming #bookrelease




Oct 4: 12 more days until Koi experiences the heaven that is Siphon Coffee.

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Oct 5: 11 more days until Koi confronts the terrifying head of the Tokyo Council: a kappa

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Oct 6: 10 days until Koi meets the Eight Span Mirror. “Yata no Kagami” is part of the No automatic alt text available.imperial regalia of Japan. It is supposed to represent honesty and wisdom. In Black Pearl Dreaming, the Eight Span Mirror is a group trying to fix a great wrong. Will Koi survive becoming their tool?




Oct 7: 9 days until Koi tastes Maple Melon Pan for the first time. (the literal reason I have Image may contain: foodgone back to Tokyo Boy’s hometown each year for the past 20 years).




Oct 8: 8 days until Koi gets to eat Convenient Store bento Katsu Curry.

Oct 9: 7 days until Ken betrays Koi.

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