Omega Rising (Wolf King Book 1) 
by Anna Kyle

3.5 stars, actually.

This was the first sexy times Paranormal Romance I ever read fully centered on a horse farm. The riding lessons, the watering of horses, the getting bitten by horses….the implication that the main character/owner of the horse farm, Cass, totally loved animals–that was very cool.

In this story, Cass, with her loyal band of horse farm workers, has her seemingly normal on the surface world upset when Nathan stumbles into her farm looking for an Omega (a shifter witch).

Cass seems normal, but others’ touch results in burns on her skin, and she sits in a rock circle and talks to her secret dead sister every so often. And she also dreams of protector wolves. And she’s also running from a crazy stalker she names “the Hag” (and hagatha and hagzilla, and a host of other names I enjoyed once I figured out they were all the same person).

There are a lot of characters, alot of rich backstory, and alot of unexplained stuff. This sometimes combined to confuse me for the first half of the story. I felt like I just couldn’t keep track of all the details of Nathan’s issues with his enforcer stuff, his history with alpha wolf Tremont, as well as Cass’s backstory and manifestations of non-humanness.

I also noticed some writer ticks (which might be a first book issue) that included the touch-avoidant Cass brushing her fingertips over various characters in order to soothe them. There’s also alot of Cass pressing a leg to the side of Nathan or another protector….so little things but they irked me as I read them.

Omega Rising does introduce a host of pretty interesting side characters that could all go off and have great adventures. Nathan’s a pretty dominant alpha male, so fans of that will probably enjoy how he growls whenever someone touches Cass or is constantly protecting her.

So lots of potential, but didn’t quite hit the right buttons for my personal taste.