The Other Side of the Door: A Collection of Ghost Stories 
by Rhonda Parrish

I bought this collection of 5 short stories to get myself in the Halloween mood 🙂 It pretty much did the trick. The stories are creepy and sad.

The first story in the bunch, “The Other Side of the Door” was the one that impacted me most– for its melancholy and take on an alcoholic father. Parrish uses poignant details to good effect to create a picture of squalid suffering. “The first thing he recognized as the grey blurs in front of him coalesced into solid objects was the six-pack of Ranier longnecks on the kitchen table. Each was empty and had its cap turned up like a crown on its mouth.”

“Cold Comfort”, the shortest of the bunch featuring a woman lost in a snow storm coming upon a truly creepy house, felt a little too short for me although it delivered cold chills.

“A Coming Storm” is not so much a ghost story as a tantalizing, bloody glimpse into an alternate world where magic wielders, called magi, are treated as slaves by a territory of farm owners. When a young man is cast out of his father’s farm and joins rebels getting revenge for the magis’ treatment, he will have to face the consequences of his own violent urges. This was a very cool premise and interesting conflict for the protagonist, but felt too short. I wanted to explore the moral conflicts a bit further.

Worthwhile little collection of creepy stories.