Black Candle (The Sullivan Gray Series)

by H.P. Bayne

Sometimes it really hurts me to read a book with so much potential and really, really awesome characters that I just…didn’t…get in to.

Sully is a bartender in Canadian town where a storm is bringing flooding and a ghost of a woman who died badly to haunt him, as they have all his life. His older brother, and copper, Dez, soon joins him in an investigation–although Dez is there mainly to protect Sully and yell at him over taking risks.

What follows is a convoluted and slow unraveling of the ghost woman’s death– not at the hands of her husband as the police think– by an unknown assailant possibly tied to a group of alternative folks in Sully’s town.

All the characters here are fiercely stubborn or passionate or loyal or compassionate. Even the good ones make mistakes. Almost everyone has a tragedy in their life. And while Sully’s quiet insistence on helping the ghosts is admirable, and his love for his family heart-warming, in the end, I wanted more from him than risk-taking. I also wanted more from Dez than blustery threats. Some of my disappointment stemmed from how the Dez/Sully dynamic was so compelling in the first part of the book but then went stale due to repetition for me.

On the other hand, this is a series starter, and only .99 cents, so what didn’t hook me could very well hook others and at that price its certainly worth the risk of trying Sully out for a bit 😉