Victoria Marmot and the Meddling Goddess

(Victoria Marmot #1)

by Virginia McClain

3.5 stars, actually.

The book starts with a comedic conceit that wasn’t to my particular taste:

“Her chestnut hair barely reflected the starlight, her mint-green eyes flashing with confusion as her caramel skin darkened to the color of milk chocolate with increasing ire.

“Who the f-ck is hiding in the woods describing me like a damned dessert?”

About 8 Kindle pages in, the book switched over to a more normal first person narrative that was easier for me to enjoy. Victoria Marmot is at a new school in a new town after both her parents die. But the folks at her new school are anything but normal. There is a stalkery handsome guy named Edik (cue some really fun lampooning of Twilight here) and a nice young man named Seamus who seems to disappear whenever a wolf happens to be around.

But don’t get me wrong, this is not a Twilight-esque book. Its pretty comedic and fun in loosely-built world adventury kind of way. Vic learns a surprise about her past that indicates she isn’t entirely human and thrusts her into a vague quest to save people from a shadowy government agency.

This quest involves climbing sheer rock faces naked (what do were-creatures do with their clothes is a running thread in this book) and handling a goddess who pops in and out of her life.

Vic herself is a pretty lively, fun, sarcastic narrator. I think I wasn’t drawn as much into her world partially because I’m drawn into quests when the emotional stake are high– and due to the brief nature of her acquaintance with her new found friends and also the obvious lampooning/light lambasting of popular franchises in this book I never quite felt like I had emotional skin in the game.

It’s a great book to flirt with, but not boyfriend material, if you know what I mean.