The Child Thief
by Brom

Imagine if Peter was half-faerie, half-human, raised from childhood in violence and magic, and then found his way to Avalon where the Lady of the Lake became his liege lady– until a group of Puritans crash landed and began to fight the magic.

Imagine if Peter had to steal children to become his army to save the Lady against the Puritans?

This is a story almost as if Lord of the Flies had been melded to Peter Pan with a twist of added Pocahontas and elves. It is a dark, bloody, violent tale, focusing on a small group of new recruits to Peter’s army.

Brom writes a rousing, action-driven tale. There is the greater story of Peter’s quest to save the Lady within which is nestled the smaller tales of boys behaving wildly and sometimes betraying each other, as well as the moral ambiguity of Peter’s relationships with his Devil-children. And then there is pure evil in the form of the Puritans and one of the Lady’s court.

This is not a tale for children. And by the end of it, I felt exhausted with sadness and death. But I could not deny it was compelling. It was almost as if Clive Barker had decided to write Peter Pan. Truly cinematic and gripping, but not for the faint-hearted.