3.5 stars, actually.

Spiral of Need (The Mercury Pack, #1)
by Suzanne Wright

I love trashy romance. I also love paranormal wolf shifter trashy romance. But….

I appreciate trashy romance alot more when there’s significant emotional bond development between the hero and the heroine. And while I also enjoy a rough-around-the-edges Alpha hero and dom/sub elements woven into a romance story between two strong folks, the elements of give and take need to be supported by emotional backstory.

And I think that’s where this particular shifter/pack story about a Seer wolf shifter and the Beta male wolf she is forced to rely upon didn’t take off for me.

There is backstory for both of them, but the lines blurred for me between Derren, the beta male hero, and like every other male shifter (enforcer or Alpha) present in the story. He did not stand out from the crowd of others. Sometimes his over-protectiveness felt arbitrary and weird instead of romantic. And instead of, say using his realization that it is silly to be jealous of a dog to unpack emotional issues and strengthen the bond between him and his heroine, she just finds it cute.

I guess I’m also a fan of the slower build romantic encounters instead of the skip all the bases and just hit a home run directly, if you know what I mean.

And finally, I love when hero and heroine are tested against evil or complicated bad guys that challenge the way they think about themselves. In this book, the bad guys are all scorned women who act like psychotic and crazy people because they can’t get their guy. ……wince.

Not my cup of tea. I probably won’t be going on with the series because of the villain and romance issues, but as I said, its just the flavor I’m not fond of. There’s plenty of solid writing, sexy shifter dudes, and fun romps in the bed in this book for others to enjoy.