I met author Steven Barnes about half a dozen years ago at a writer’s con in Minneapolis.

At the time, I was self-publishing Tiger Lily and hadn’t really committed myself to being an author yet (The Portland Hafu series was but an infant).

And there was one point where he asked this small group of us….”what is it holding you back? What are you afraid of?” and I brushed off that question and chuckled uneasily because I wasn’t ready for it. I wasn’t ready to be serious about writing……because what if I got serious and failed?

What if my stories weren’t interesting?

I wasn’t ready to give up my “only write when I feel like it” and “write by the seat of my pants”.

Fast forward a bunch of years and I’ve gradually gotten more serious about everything. I still write by the seat of my pants at times, but with a well thought out framework and intention. I’m still worried about my stories being dull, but I do it anyway.

And the culmination of most of my work so far is this: Last Dream of Her Mortal Soul, the epic conclusion to The Portland Hafu series. (cover reveal in two days!!!). I can’t even tell you how awesome this book is. I mean, I have never had such a clear picture of what book should be about or had so much fun writing it. This book has Neo-Nazis, murders, betrayal, sadness, realizations of what different kinds of power can be, and acceptance.

I can’t wait for y’all to read it 🙂