Here she is. The conclusion to a story I’ve been writing for over 10 years. *breathes ragged sigh*

I am so grateful to my editor Rhonda Parrish for picking Koi Pierce out of the slush pile. There’s just no way Koi, Ken, and Kwaskwi’s stories would have been told without her.

While this is the last book in the official trilogy, there is a prequel showing the first time Ken met Herai Akihito (Koi’s Dad) with Rhonda right now. Those on my subscriber list (The Mossy Glen) will get it for free 🙂

Meanwhile, here’s the description:

Even a dream eater can’t escape the final sleep…

After her trip to Japan, the Head of Portland Kind calls Koi home to help solve a murder. The body of a powerful magical being was found in the witch’s hut in Forest Park, along with a strange, haunting quotation about dreams and death written in blood. Can Koi discover who seems to be calling out a Baku before others from her new-found family die?

The book will be available in March and you can pre-order it here:

World Weaver Press