What Fate Portends (The Frost Arcana, #1)
by Clara Coulson

Pleasantly surprised about how slick this was. There is a well thought out backstory/world peeking through the somewhat straight forward story here.

Vince is an ex cop in a post-apocalyptic world. Seven years ago, he was just a rookie cop. But then it was revealed that paranormals (various kinds of fae, sidhe, trolls, etc). He was caught up in the great Purge…a war between humans and paranormals that ended with the Queens claiming territory to protect amongst stretches of ghoul-haunted abandoned area, and then mostly leaving the humans to govern themselves.

Vince makes his living going into those abandoned areas and retrieving valuable objects for clients. A client comes to him after a successful run who wants him to retrieve an object…only not from the abandoned area, but from a powerful shadowy criminal.

This sets in motion challenges, battles and events that will force Vince to reassess the life he’s chosen, who he’s pushed away, and his own powers.

Vince is pretty slick. But what kept me reading were the twin strands of his healing relationship with his former cop mentor, Saoirse and digging deeper in to the European sidhe/fae based world Vince lives in (there’s barghest and Manannán mac Lir, sidhe, Tir na nOg, Tuatha de Danaan, etc).

I appreciated the emotional depth of the way Saoirse and Vince interacted, despite it not being obviously romantic, there’s definitely a bond there that satisfied my desire for tension.

I’ll definitely be reading on in the series. What Fate Portends is 99 cents on Amazon, so for UF lovers, it’s an easy entree into the series.