All In (Only One Night #1)
by Simona Ahrnstedt

4.5 stars, actually.

Wow. Did not expect to be as fascinated by this billionaire romance (not my catnip) as I ended up being. I pretty much devoured this book. I’m from the US, and I could not get enough of all the rich details of the Swedish Elite/Nobility in this book. Like when all the rich financiers leave Stockholm to go to a resort town for the summer (so it’s a good time to plan a hostile takeover) and some of the racism and gender discrimination (not sure if its accurate, but I don’t care, it was scintillating reading) in the upper classes.

Natalia is the only daughter of a fabulously wealthy upper Swedish echelon financial family. Only the patriarch is a misogynist, so she’s trying to prove herself by working at a different company for now.

David grew up in a rough neighborhood and now is a hungry, successful venture capatalist embodying all the things Natalia’s father disdains. Only David has a tragic secret connected to Natalia’s family and he’s out to break her family’s company in revenge.

But when they meet for a lunch date, things work out differently than either could have imagined.

There is a rich, emotional depth both to David and Natalia here. The cast around them (Natalia’s friend Asa and David’s friend Michel in particular deserve their own book!) is well developed. As the details surrounding their tragic pasts are revealed, its like a juicy, gossip orange being peeled.

David and Natalia have a good chemistry, and the author really works the tension of David feeling massively conflicted as he progresses his revenge plans along with his dalliance wtih Natalia, but what really kept me reading late into the night was both the details of the financial takeover as well as the emotional aftermath of everything coming to a head.

How do you clean up a catastrophe? You’ll have to read this to find out. Its well worth your time, believe me.

I’ll even forgive the author’s annoying habit of having male characters patronizingly bring water to female characters all the time….

I’m definitely going on to read the other two in the series…but I might have to wait a bit and savor them. There’s only three, and I’m still digesting the characters and gossipy culture tidbits from the first. This is a billionaire contemporary romance, but one I would totally recommend to folks who profess to read only mainstream literature!