Author Ken Schrader is visiting for a Two Questions author blog hop. He gives us thoughts about fated mates and slow burn!

Q. What’s the UF romance trope you wish would just go away: fated mates a la shifter romance or December/May a la vampire?

A. Of the two, I think I’m the most done with the “Fated Mates” trope. That kind of thing has a tendency to take agency away from characters. Why would a character decide that they’d rather be with someone else, when this relationship is “Meant to be?”

It also lets your reader off the hook. They don’t need to worry about IF the characters will get together, they only looking for the WHEN.

Worse, it can lead to more problematic situations where one half of the relationship refuses to take “No.” for an answer. They can be ok with unacceptable behavior, because they are “Fated” to be with the object (and at this point, the other half of the “Relationship” ceases to be a person. They become a prize) of their affections. The ends justify the means…

No they don’t. Not ever.

Q. Slow burn or insta-love?

A. I prefer a slow burn. I think that we’re all familiar with the concept of “Love at First Sight,” and I think – on some level – that we’d all like to experience that. But that, necessarily, cuts out great chunks of storytelling opportunity.

With a slow burn, you get to “See” the magic happen. As you read – and, indeed, as you’re writing – you get to experience that first meeting. You can see the relationship grow from strangers, to acquaintances, to friends, to…something more.

If you’re real careful, you can look back and find that one moment. The glance, the expression, that touch where friendship turns to love.

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