Storm of Locusts (The Sixth World, #2) 
by Rebecca Roanhorse

4.5 stars, actually.

Maggie the Monsterslayer has to take her big old lightning sword she stole from her ex-lover in the first book and go after her current lover, Kai in this sequel.

Kai goes off, seemingly willingly, with a locust cult guy. Maggie goes after him, leaving Dinetah behind to enter the world of the Malpais shut off by Dinetah’s protective wall. She takes some red-headed Goodacres and a young apprentice with clan powers with her.

But the Malpais is even more frightening and dangerous than Dinetah, and Maggie will have to rely on her newfound sense of family and self in order to prevail.

I will go along with Maggie on any ride. She’s an exciting mix of doubt and sadness and hardcore badassery. However, this book felt a bit like a waiting game. There’s a lot of running around experiencing cool aspects of both Dinetah and Malpais, and then a final epic confrontation involving Kai’s cult powers, a roaring Dam, and just a little development for Maggie and her new sword. I wanted more Kai. I wanted more development between Maggie and her apprentice.

It’s definitely setting us up for more emotional wringers for Maggie, however, with the cliffhanger end. The next book should be fun, indeed!