My WIP is of course, Bring to Light, a YA slightly paranormal set in Minneapolis and St. Paul, but i may have to find a way to work in this delicious Seattle Chocolate bar I found in my local coop the other day.

I’m a bit obsessed both with the slightly chewy texture of the figs, the fact that the company makes a donation to fight hunger with each bar sold, and with the quirky, random vintage photos of the individually wrapped pieces inside (perfect for people like me with no will power who need help with portion control).

JCOCO is part of Seattle Chocolate’s “culinary inspired chocolate” line, that partners with various charities.

Check out their Chihuly inspired packaging gift box. Isn’t it purty?

jcoco + CHIHULY chocolate gift set

Maybe I can somehow have Kai or Brett buy it for one of the girls as a gift? Or as a “sorry” offering? Or maybe Fleur’s artistic mother will have eaten it and Fleur recognizes the packaging when she comes across it in the abandoned Gold Medal Flour Mill? Hmmm……