Wanted and Wired

(Wanted and Wired #1)

4 stars.

I just bought the sequel on Kindle, so that tells you right there how much I enjoyed this. I didn’t have high expectations going in…but somehow this was the perfect blend of world-building, smexy times, and crazy action heroine with interesting support cast to hit my sweet spot.

Mari is a grey-morals assassin who relies on her super-capable cyborg handler, Heron, for intel and help. When an assassination goes horribly wrong, Heron must draw her into his little band of refugees for protection and she learns he is much, much more than a voice in her comm.

No wonder it was nominated for a RITA award, the romance is spot on for this kind of trope. In this book, Texas suceeded from the rest of the country. Only it took a war and everyone’s still recovering. Added into this mix is a bunch of different clones and cyborg possibilities, and the face that Mari has some political secrets of her own.

There is about halfway through a somewhat unbelievable reason Heron is knocked out of commission and Mari must save him. Completely engineered for plot reasons. However, I kind of didn’t care too much. Because watching Mari go back to face down her demons (in the shape of a jerky ex-boyfriend) and spending time with Heron’s intriguing band of misfits was cool.

Like I said, this book takes a lot of tropes and hits them in the sweet spot. You probably can guess most of what’s coming as you read (although it took me a while to guess who the main bad guy was), but there is enough technobabble about clouds and uploads and nanos to keep you surfing along.