This Savage Song

(Monsters of Verity #1)

Didn’t expect to like this YA (alternate world? post apocalyptic? not sure, just isn’t our reality) as much as I did. I think its because the two POV characters, Kate and August, the children of the two leaders of a divided city were really compelling.

And you know I love a hero who has to hold back his baser nature, and August has the most terrifying nature of all.

In a city of monsters, there are three kinds: Corsai who are like ghoulish revenants, Malchai who are like vampires, and the Sunai who pass as human but who eat human souls. Guess which one August is?

And guess the awful, terrifying way these monsters are “born” into the city of Verity? It’s a kind of apt karma thing, I think.

But anyway, back to Kate and August. Kate is just getting herself kicked out of the latest of a string of boarding schools so she will be sent back to Verity and her father, the notoriously cruel leader of half of the city. August is being sent to the school in Verity where Kate will go, his family hoping to get leverage against their enemies with this connection.

Only, Kate and August are able to see the humanity in each other through the monstrousness, so the political leverage thing doesn’t work out. Meanwhile, someone’s trying to kill Kate, and someone’s trying to force August to go against everything he’s fighting to be.

Schwab does a terrific job of making this a visual read– I can almost see the hashmarks burning on August’s skin, and the action is fairly graphic novel esque. I love how pretty much everyone in this book is a monster in their own way, and also how the city is portrayed as a place of fear. I don’t really care that there are no explanations for any of this, I’m too caught up in Kate and August 😉

Going on to buy the next in the duology.