One Day to Fall

(One Day to Forever #2)

4.5 stars, actually.

Regular romance readers should not have a problem with the suspension of disbelief required to go along with the very long day pictured here wherein both hero and heroine (Parker and Sophia) have time to go back and forth from each other’s apartments, touristy Cape Town areas, and the hospital multiple times. Just go along with it. Seriously, don’t question it.

Because if you do go along with it, you’re in for a lovely and emotionally deep romance that somehow draws out the romantic tension so that when they finally do kiss…well…it totally pushed my romance buttons (Anything other than second base is glossed over and not explicit).

Parker’s mom is in the hospital with a diagnosis of dementia, which is pretty devastating since its been mom and Parker against the world for most of his life. Even though his absent father is trying to get back into his life. Sophia’s sister, Angie, is in labor at the hospital, but she wants to avoid her other sister, Zoe, and her mom because there’s some intense family dynamics surrounding the whole sister thing where Sophia was more or less expected to take care of her family for the past three years while Angie was away.

So Parker gives Sophia a ride, and then they use each other as a distraction. 99 percent of the story is either dialogue or Parker and Sophia’s inner monologues. It’s like listening in on a psychotherapy session at times, but with romantic bits.

I didn’t read the first book in the series, and didn’t seem to be missing much. As a USA reader, I also liked the Cape Town locales. I wouldn’t be in the mood for this kind of book every day, and I would have loved to see a bit more steam, but I would definitely read more by this author.