Polaris Rising

(Consortium Rebellion #1)

Political intrigue in space complete with three powerful and scheming houses, bands of mercenaries, genetically engineered super-soldiers, black market smugglers, and the youngest daughter of House van Hasenberg who does not wish to be married off as a political pawn but loves her siblings.

She somehow finds herself locked in a cell with a notorious butcher, and sparks fly. She also accumulates another refugee from House politics and a smuggler– all of whom could be heroes of their own books, I imagine, in terms of their alpha-hotness, protectiveness, and loyalty.

There are some fun fight scenes, lots of scheming, and some time for love to develop.

Sadly, although I really like the heroine, the relationship didn’t do it for me. Maybe it was because the hero was a bit too much like a grunt– I never got into him. So when they got together it didn’t do it for me. Also, while the science and concepts of space travel with gates and jumps were compelling and much more than your usual space romance window dressing….I felt that the lengths the Houses would go to to acquire such technology should have been much fiercer than portrayed in the book.

The heroine walzes into a party with all the main heads of the houses and is protected by a written contract? Hmm……

So some great stuff mixed with some flat stuff for me.