Correlation of Fate (The Outlier Prophecies Book 6)
by Tina Gower

Gower does a fairly good job of wrapping up the big bad Kitman thread in this, the sixth book of her Outlier Prophecies series. The series continues on with Kate’s baker/witch cousin, Ali, in her own story and another later, stand alone for Kate and her werewolf cop partner, Becker, but this ends the main story arc started in the first book.

Kate and Becker are now fully aware of Kitman’s plans to disrupt Fate and the prediction network for her own reasons and are racing to stop her despite Kate’s central role in possible catastrophe as the prophesied Outlier.

There’s also Becker’s sister, Dalia’s, oncoming birth, a new federal agent poking around after Ali to find out more about the vampire (gaki) who used her magic to mess with Becker, and some pack dynamics involving Kate taking the lead to work through.

There’s a lot of working through stuff, some lovely romance stuff for Kate and Becker, and the inklings of a new obsession for Ali with the federal agent.

But….there was also some uneveness in the writing that was harder to forgive in book six then in the earlier books. Gower does a bang up job tying up plot threads and characters, the potential ramifications of predictions, and romance. Not so much on the actual clarity of what’s going in the complicated plot before the end or the figuring out where her large cast of lovely characters are.

There’s also some just editing level stuff (a character who is Letti…or is it Lottie?) that distracted me.

But that stuff aside, it was a worthwhile end to that story arc.