Hunter’s Trail (Scarlett Bernard, #3)
by Melissa F. Olson

This seems to be the last book in the Scarlett Bernard series. She’s a null in an L.A. run by vampires, werewolves, and witches…although she’s mostly on call for the werewolves, whose alpha Will runs a bar.

In the last book she “cured” one of her love triangle werewolves (other part of the triangle is human police detective Jesse) with her null powers and got herself a major knee injury that figures throughout the book (she walks on a cane and is hobbled in fights, that part is pretty cool, actually).

Now some of Will’s folks are desperate to find out what actually happened to her lover Eli as well as possibly get the cure for themselves. Meanwhile, someone is killing humans and leaveing them on Will’s doorstep and Scarlett has to come in and clean stuff up.

And there’s also a new danger in town from Europe possibly there to hunt werewolves.

And Jesse is alternatively snippy and loving.

The big bad from Europe kind of overlapped too much in my mind for most of the book with the entity killing humans. When the final confrontations came, they were a bit anticlimactic, although I did like the addition of Shadow (and so, so, sad about Shadow’s fate, I warn you).

Things seem to trickle off at the end and Scarlett kind of made her choice about the love triangle by default, but her ultimate choice didn’t sit well with me because of all the time spent with the other part of the triangle throughout the book. I wondered if this series was cut short because it seemed like Scarlett and her intern Corry were being set up for more adventures. (Corry was awesome in this book and the scene with the werewolf pajama party…priceless)

So not the most conclusive of endings.