We Survivors: A Story from After the End

3.5 stars, actually.

This will totally hit your sweet spots if you are in the mood for a teen-focused, clean, post-apocalyptic story with a scrappy band of survivors who coupleup and also find out they’re part of a bigger conspiracy.

The first couple chapters totally drew me in. I like the fact that Nadia was a survivor, that the story dealt with some heavy emotional impacts of her survivorship like how she coped by cutting. I felt Nadia and Jake’s relationship fast forwarded to quickly for me. The best part of a romantic element is the leading up to it..the early frienship, the banter, but all that was summarized.

Then…the book started to feel a little flat for me once they got to the lab and started learning about the nature of their birth and the other beings in the world. A bunch of decisions were made by the characters that I felt were just to move along the plot instead of true to characters.

Why did Coby and Jake leave ? Even after jake promised the only person he trusts that he wouldn’t leave them? And I also had a really hard time with the actions of the being they kidnapped, Vicente, as they only showed him kidnapped. And later when he seemed to change his mind about the gang…it didn’t come off as believable since most of the action/dialogue in those parts happened while he was bound in the back seat.

I think I wanted to experience more of the gang’s day to day survival and definitely wanted to experience more of Nadia and Jake’s early time together because I love relationships. This might be a personal taste thing, as I felt the book summarized or skipped over the parts I love the most!

Still, a fun little apocalyptic story with bonus gene manipulation bits and clean romance. Some heavy stuff related to the cutting.