(The Arcadia Project #1)

It’s not very often this jaded reader of Urban Fantasy comes across something actually novel, but wow, Millie from this first book in The Arcadia Project packs a huge whallop from the get-go. Millie’s voice, thoughts, borderline personality disorder, attempts to control her sudden rages, attempts to discern between true rejection and her disorder’s reactions to it, etc, etc. were utterly and completely fascinating.

And add to the mix her constant need to handle her physical surroundings because she is a double amputee….and Borderline had me hooked from page one.

Millie gets recruited out of the sanatorium where she voluntarily committed herself after a suicide attempt. But the motley crew of folks living together in a mysterious house under the care of the mysterious and stoic Caryl all have their emotional and mental health issues.

And as she slowly begins to experience what this crew of folks is hiding from the real world, and the connections it has to the movie world Millie left behind, she will be inexorably drawn into some super-unheathy and dangerous situations.

And let me also say that the main baddie in this story was absolutely a chilling, menace of psychopathic fun. This story passes the Bechdel test with the greatest of ease, and besides bringing in mental health issues and non-able bodied issues in a thoughtful and realistic (to me) way, also explores power and relationships meaningfully, too. Also there is fun and scary fae, to an excellent start.

i’m about to go buy the second in the series now.