Song of Blood & Stone: Earthsinger Chronicles, Book One

(Earthsinger Chronicles #1)

This one was a bit uneven for me. I think possibly the main characters were introduced and their main conflicts dropped on us without time for me to develop attachment to them. The story begins with two main conflicts: Jasminda trying to save her farm from foreclosure, deal with prejudice about her mixed race heritage, and save a prisoner of war from maltreatment. The other main character is Ella rushing to her dying sister’s side just in time to discover a nephew.

Jasminda is definitely more interesting to me than Ella…until about the last third of the book when their paths start to converge and Ella discovers political intrigue through her pursual of her kidnapped nephew.

The romantic attachment between Jasminda and the prisoner of war was akin to instalove…not my favorite kind. And the prisoner’s self-sacrifice and ulterior motives rang histrionic until much later in the book when we discover more about his true background and the magic elements of the two main countries are revealed.

So…like the last third of the book when we figure out why one country has magic and the other despises it, why some countries have railroads and others don’t, etc, is pretty cool and actually starts to make sense of the (until then) somewhat arbritrary feeling of the different countries’ culture.

So despite the cliffhangery aspect of the end (main political intrigue not solved) I may not continue with the series as I did end up skimming parts of it. The author does include some interesting racial antagonisms and addresses prejudice is in a straightforward way.