I’m reposting stuff from my old (over 10 years!) bilingual bedtime page over here. This is one of the lullabies I sang to my children (we tried when we lived in Japan to be one-parent, one-language but that all went away when we moved back to the States.) This first recording features vocaloids singing in a more authentic Japanese accent vocaloids singing in a more authentic Japanese accent. There’s also another video of a live UK musician singing it with his guitar. His website also mentions how spooky this music feels..and talks about how it probably originated from some story about a girl trying to get past a guard at a Tokyo area castle. I imagine at night. On some nefarious purpose.

Romanji Lyrics Japanese Lyrics English Translation
torrianse, torrianse (or toryanse)
koko wa doko no hosomichi jya
tenjin-sama no hosomichi jya
chotto toshite kudashanse
goyo no nai mono toshasenu
kono ko no nanatsu no iwai ni
ofuda o osame ni mairimasu
iki wa yoi yoi, kaeri wa kowai
torrianse, torrianse
通(とお)りゃんせ 通りゃんせ
ここはどこの 細道じゃ
天神(てんじん)さまの 細道じゃちっと通して くだしゃんせ
ご用の無いもの 通しゃせぬこの子の七つの お祝(いわ)いに
おふだをおさめに まいりますいきはよいよい 帰(かえ)りはこわい
Go down the path, go down the path
What narrow path is this?
This is the shrine god’s path
go ahead down the path
if you have no errand, don’t go
I come to pray in celebration for this child’s seventh birthday
going is easy, coming back is scary
even though it’s scary, go down the path, go down the path