Hunter’s Moon (The Wolves of Wellsboro Book 1)

by Sarah M. Awa

3.5 stars, actually.

As if college life wasn’t tough enough, imagine being an undergrad and having to deal with becoming a ravening, murderous wolf that could tear apart your roommates each month?

Melanie is bitten at a park one day and returns to her college campus ignorant of the fact that her life is about to change utterly. Not only must she sequester herself from her life as she’s known it, keep the secret of her transformation, still get her school work done, and avoid annoying classmates who seem to know far too much about her….now she’s getting stalked by mysterious people who claim to know her wolfy secret.

She’s not the only werewolf in town.

Although Melanie and her friends are in college, the feeling of this book is a bit younger and more chaste than the usual wolf shifter literature I’ve encountered out there. Melanie’s friends are all, except for the one annoying classmate, uniformly sweet, caring, and worried over Melanie. Even the slightly gothy one calls her “honey” as well as some of the male characters. There’s a lot of concern over gossip and reputation amongst the college students that felt more high school to me.

I had so many questions at the end of the story…..why is Melanie getting sick? What are the real intentions of the shadowy organization interested in her and Gavin? Will Melanie every connect with the man who changed her? Is there a way for the wolves to retain their human awareness when changed? What will happen to Jos’ scratch?

This book feels like a solid beginning, setting of scene slowing revealing the Wellsboro wolves’ secrets, but nothing quite resolved. We get a lot of time spent with Melanie traveling to safe houses to transform and a lot of folks worried about Melanie (POV mostly is Melanie with some switching to other folks.)

Definitely a book I wouldn’t worry about giving to a YA, even the younger set as there is a possible sweet romance, some wolf biting, and descriptions of painful transformation but nothing too scary or sexual.