Hate to Want You

(Forbidden Hearts #1)

by Alisha Rai

This is a super-steamy with a smidgen of domination second-chance romance. Only Rai has created a rich, complicated emotional backstory of two families that are tangled up together in romance and business that would be worth reading on its own.

Right before WWII, Sam Oka and John Chandler opened a grocery store together. Their friendship s was so strong, that when the Okas were sent to an internment camp, John kept the business going and when the Okas returned they made it successful.

They had children and grandchildren, who all grew up together as rich kids. Two of the grandkids, Livvy Oka-Kane and Nicholas Chandler fell in love as teenagers. Then some bad stuff went down. Some people died, a business takeover occured, and Livvy and Nicholas called it quits….except for once a year on Livvy’s birthday she texts Nicholas coordinates of her location and they meet up for one wild, hot night.

Nine years later, Livvy has come back home to mend family relationships and Nicholas is still there helping to run the grocery business. For the first time in years, they can not run away from each other…and there’s all that terrible family history, Livvy’s depression, and Nicholas’ secrets about whey he broke off their relationship in the first place.

There’s also a sub-cast of family members each of whom definitely deserve their own books! Even Grandpa John and Livvy’s cold mother, Tani! Luckily, Livvy’s widowed sister-in-law and her twin brother seem like they will be the couple of the next book.

This is a super-steamy, well written emotional relationship book with an extra-rich supporting family cast and delicious backstory. And truthfully, just including Japanese Internment as a main influence in the backstory would have gotten any competently written contemporary to 4 stars, it’s just icing on the cake that this includes good steamy scenes and wonderful sub characters. I’ll definitely be going on to the next in the series!