(Diablo Lake #2)

by Lauren Dane

3.5 stars, actually.

So this second book continues with Aimee and the rival Pembry pack alpha-in-training Mac Pembry. Almost all of the same features (see my review of book #1 Moonstruck) of it being cozy, little violence (this time Mac does beat up some people but its all off screen), most of the problems and uproar over gossip and skank-calling, and a main couple who basically just love eachother to bits all the time and are perfect for each other.

Some of the differences here are that there’s much, much more time spent with Aimee and Mac talking (and sometimes outright lecturing) about eachother’s magic, how it calls to them, how it accepts each other, etc. etc.

Also, Aimee puts herself in a position to directly challenge Mac’s father, and while I appreciate Mac supporting his sweetie, it caused like….NO conflict at all. (I love me emotional conflict and I felt the potential of this was entirely unexplored).

The big question, why are Mac’s father and mother acting so crazy, and what is the secret of why Josiah Dooley (father of alpha male in first book) was repudiated is not revealed. Urrrgggh. I hates it when soooooooooo much trouble could be explained away by simply finding out the answer ot a question. It’s a small town. Surely someone not covered under the werewolf silence ban could have told them what the secret was.

But for Diablo Lake fans..there was some really fun fan-service content featuring Jace and Katie Faith from the first book including a double date! And lots of Jace and Mac sharing commiserating glances and Katie Faith and Aimee exchanging remarks about werewolf boyfriends. We even got to see a little bit of Mac in wolf form.

So this sequel gets another half star for having less clumsy sentence construction, some fun fan-service, but still doesn’t quite reach 4 for me because the conflict is so tame and the lecturing about magic and insta love is a bit much at times (I admit, I skimmed a bit here and there). At the time of writing, the third book (which presumably might reveal the secret) isn’t due out until 2021…I am not sure I’ll seek it out unless its on sale.