Wrong to Need You

(Forbidden Hearts #2)

by Alisha Rai

Alisha Rai continues to reveal more and more complicated backstory of the Oka-Kanes vs Chandlers family issues in this second installment.

Rai gets the main couple from the first book out of the way by having them go on a trip “to talk things over”. Meanwhile, widowed Sadia has a Kane legacy cafe to run, no chef, and a younger sister wanting to drop out of med school in a rehashment of her own family issues with defining success.

And Jackson, her wayward brother-in-law who was arrested for arson and didn’t come back even for his brother’s funeral, is back in town.

Rai gave the first book couple a long relationship by having them meet up every year, in this book, Sadia has continued emailing Jackson the whole time, using the emails as a kind of diary of her life. Now that he’s back, he knows everything about her, and she knows nothing about him.

Most of this book is Jackson going around to members of the extended family and being greeted and loved on (except for family matriarch Tani Oka-Kane, but she’s got her own depression and secrets to handle). Sadia and Jackson are consenting adults not afraid to ask for what they want. The theme of slight domination again comes up in their steamy times but with Sadia taking the lead in a nice gender reversal of the first book.

Rai’s greatest strength in this book is the psychological healing of past family issues and tragedies without giving easy answers other than making time for family. Not only do we get some Oka-Kane/Chandler family bonding, but we also get to peek into the highpowered family Sadia comes from, and touch on first-generation immigrant story about success and working hard and achieving.

Even though the third book’s characters are not my favorite (Eva doesn’t seem like an interesting personality) I’ll probably go on reading because its the extended family that makes these books worthwhile and I’ll want to find out what happens to them 🙂