Winter Halo

(Outcast #2)

by Keri Arthur

3.5 stars, actually.
In this second book we get a continuation of the mystery of the kidnapped children by the confederates of the last book’s badguy, Sal in the post-apocalyptic town of shifters and humans called Central.

And the outside bunkers and surrounding wilderness where our heroine, Tiger, the bioengineered dechet, lives with the ghosts of the other murdered dechet children from the war that created the rifts and let Others into our world.

She’s still hopelessly attracted to Jonas the shifter, but most of this book, like the book before, is following Tiger as she enters into various dangerous buildings, tunnels, and bunkers, gets attacked, heals herself, gets guns, loses them, figures out where the children are being held and why Sal and his gang kidnapped them in the first place, etc. etc.

The following her through all the buildings and breaking-and-entering was fun–but we did that in the last book, too, and in this book we get her body-shifting all the time to look like other people and use their apartments, which was unnecessary in my opinion more than once.

It got a little bit confusing at times because the mundane, action-oriented part of it. But blast Keri Arthur because she gives us just a hint of relationship for Jonas and Tiger, and answers one question about the kidnapped children while leaving open a cliffhanger.

And then there’s my complicated feelings about Tiger seducing a Winter Halo exec. Let’s just say that I love romance, and this is NOT a romance, and in fact treats bodies and sex very matter-of-factedly…..which sometimes was uncomfortable for me and my HEA desires.

I’ll still follow the series because I want to find out what happens, but I hope the next book isn’t just tedious breaking-and-entering.