Artificial Condition

(The Murderbot Diaries #2)

by Martha Wells

Definitely need to read these novellas in order. Without my appreciation for Murderbot’s wry sense of affection for her humans mixed with exasperation we got to know from the first novella, I wouldn’t have appreciated the sequel as much.

Murderbot leaves its newfound family to return to Ganaka Pit- the location of the mysterious rampage where humans were mass murdered and of which Murderbot has no memory.

On the way, Murderbot encounters ART, a research vessel bot that becomes its new best friend (if your new best friend could crush you in an instant but is seduced by mutual love of campy space operas to be your protector instead).

Murderbot also gets hired by a naive and young group of techies who were robbed of their intellectual data by a baddie who is now out to murder them. Murderbot of course employs data security, trickery, and energy weapons to protect them.

Murderbot also gets to the abandoned mine of Ganaka Pit and we find out what really happened. Hopefully, now that the mysterious past is covered, we can go onward with more adventures!