Bringing Down the Duke (A League of Extraordinary Women #1)
by Evie Dunmore

This was a super-cute, lovely, slightly steamy romance basically all within a house party (what fun!) including the trope of a library and books that seduce 🙂

Annabelle Archer is the not-so-innocent-anymore daughter of a country vicar, who is over-educated for her job as a nanny/housekeeper for her brother. She opts to go to Oxford instead when a scholarship presents itself– only to keep the scholarship she’ll have to be active in the Women’s Suffragette movement. Inside the movement she makes some friends, including a noble-born young girl.

Somehow she gets invited to the houseparty of a Duke, and then the flirting commences. The Duke is a nice lad, but all he has to offer Annabelle is to be his mistress, their station are far too disimilar for anything else, and she won’t settle for that.

This is exactly the kind of slightly-historical, cozy house party romance I like. The steamy bits were lovely as well, but what is great here is there is no insta-love but a believable quick attraction and romance against their better inclinations. Such fun. I will definitely go on to read the rest in the series!