Deal with the Devil

(Mercenary Librarians #1)

by Kit Rocha

4.5 stars, actually.

Oh I’ve been waiting for this book. Kit Rocha’s Original sector series, the O’Kanes’ Beyond, was too much for me (a bit too dominant/group for HEA me) but there was no denying the richly drawn world they’d created. And when I first encountered Gideon’s Riders, set in the same world but more focused on couples, I fell in love.

And now they’ve expanded that universe a little more (why yes I did catch the shout out to the O’Kanes liquor, thank you very much) to include genetic experiments on supersoldiers and an evil tech company with its own private army in an post-apocalyptic world.

We have lovable and quirky band of genetically modified women: Nina the leader and fighter, Maya the brains, and Dani the cold-blooded killer. They get hired by a group of ex-soldiers called the Silver Devils to go after an exploded cache of old-world books– a library– in a sketchy pact that brings the two groups together on an extended truck drive through wild territory. The Silver Devils is lead by Captain Knox, the honorable assassin, and contains brain Conall, super-strong rake Rafe, and deadly assassin Grey.

I usually hate, hate, hate POV switches, but we get multiple POVs here of the two gangs alternating, and in usual Kit Rocha fashion I fell in love with them all. Rocha just excels at creating quirky characters all who are strong and vulnerable in their own ways, steamy situations laden with emotions, and fun battle scenes. And great banter 🙂

This book does a terrific job of setting up the post-apocalyptic scene and introducing us to the main players and soon-to-be couples. Finest in steamy escapist sci-fi thriller adventures, will definitely pick up the next one!