Late Eclipses

(October Daye #4)

by Seanan McGuire

Alot of reviewers have said that THIS book, book #4 is the really good book where all the build up of changeling October Daye’s kind of mysterious absent mother, her relationship with Tybalt, and her place in power structure of the local Knowes and the Summerland come to fruition.

They weren’t wrong. Toby’s place as Knight to Sebastien gets overruled by a dangerous promotion, we learn more about her mother Amandine, and Tybalt and her definitely get some moments. (she also gets some moments with selkie ex-lover Connor, so…shrug)

But while putting Toby in danger by poisoning her friends, including TeaGarden Lily the Undine who’s been her safe place to land all these years) and having others turn against her in suspicion really lets Toby show some of her chops, it also involved A LOT of running around from person to person. I mean….A LOT. Like once she went to see Tybalt in the Court of Cats, had a big send off with a plan of where to go next, was attacked, and then went BACK to the Court of Cats to ask Tybalt something (I mean, even he in the book was like “you just left here, what do you want now?”).

So the running around from person to person I did not like. It got a little bit boring for her to constantly be tearing off somewhere, choose who amongst the scooby gang got to go with her (usually Connor or May) and then run into danger and go back to where she came from.

Toby is still fun, and unearthing some of the history of her mother and early FirstBorn stuff was interesting. I’ll keep reading the series because I’m a sucker for romance and she and Tybalt STILL haven’t had the kind of moment i’d like…..although some of his standoffishness gets explained here.

But I am not experiencing this book as the culmination/super good point in the series. I’m hoping that’s yet to come.