Exit Strategy

(The Murderbot Diaries #4)

by Martha Wells

The fourth (and last novella) of The Murderbot diaries, our favorite SecUnit gets to tie up emotional arcs with Dr. Mensah from the very first novella (after this the series continues with full length novels).

Murderbot is lured to a station when reports that Dr. Mensah, the leader of the very first expedition where Murderbot went rogue, is missing reach her “ears.” Despite misgivings, Murderbot makes contact with the rest of the Preservation team and they hatch a plot to rescue Mensah from the clutches of GrayCris (the corporate entity from the first book that tried to kill the Preservation team and who’s been hounding Murderbot ever since in one way or another.)

Murderbot not only gets great action scenes with breaking Mensah out of the kidnappers’ clutches, but also has to confront her own motivations for leaving Mensah in the first place, as well as recognize how attached to humans she has become. Great novel tying up this particular mystery/emotional arc.