I had occasion to mentor a couple of youth in terms of their writing projects in the last couple years. I really enjoyed it. Since many folks are engaging in creative pursuits during our various stages of quarantine, I thought I’d offer a service to youth (no adults at this time, although if you’re a writer friend of mine I probably already beta-read for you and still do that for free) who have ALREADY either entirely or mostly written a novel or novella sized project.

For $50 I will beta read (give developmental, plot, reactions/advice) a project 1 time. I will also read the same project after rewrites for obvious sentence level or continuity errors. Then, I will either give 2 hours in person or via Zoom/video conferencing help while the writer (SELF-PUBLISHING COURSE) signs up for an account on amazon and gets started on marketing or newsletter OR (TRADITIONAL) help identify some potential agents or publishers, help generate a query letter and sign up for query-tracker for query management.

For youth I know, or for offspring of my acquaintances, or friends of friends. Drop me a line via email or Facebook messaging if interested.