One Salt Sea

(October Daye #5)

by Seanan McGuire

Okay, here’s the book I was promised by all those October Daye and McGuire fans. It took until book #5 in this series, but FINALLY we are getting the pay off for sticking with October through all the running around from Shadowed Hills to Ludaieg to other places with people trying to kill her all the time. I mean, in this book Toby gets to ride a mermaid queen in a wheelchair down a San Francisco hill with goblins in pursuit. She also gets to interact with her daughter, and finally come into her blood magic powers as Amandine’s daughter.

She also acquires a squire…actually two squires. And when they jelled together as her flunkies, and we got some more of the Ludaieg, as well as an ending of sorts between Toby and Connor, that’s when I felt this series really gathering steam. I mean, how clueless can Toby be about Tybalt? Really?

Toby gets to save the day not only for land fae, but also for the undersea. But she has to call in all her chips and friends to get it done, and there’s still tragedy. To avert a fae war, Toby must find the kidnapped princes of the undersea before an old enemy (finally rid of her, good riddance I say) kills them.

I’m excited for the next book because I’ll keep reading if its as good as this one and Toby goes in the direction of side stepping the Queen’s attempts to undermine her and rallies her crew to fight evil and get stuff done.