There’s lots of research about “starving” cancer by various ways– most of which also are harmful to the host. Some studies even showed that medically-monitored fasting improves chemo treatments on cancer and even could be protective against side effects.

But what if we had a non-chemo way to starve cancer that didn’t involve the harmful side effects? What if we could make something look like a building block of cancer molecules (like L-phenylalanine) but it really isn’t? Then when the cancer’s receptors are flooded with this false molecule…it slowly starves?

“They took a silica nanoparticle designated as ‘Generally Recognized As Safe’ by the US Food and Drug Administration and coated it with L-phenylalanine, and found that in lab tests with mice it killed cancer cells effectively and very specifically, by causing them to self-destruct.”

That would be like, amazing. A game changer. It’s only in mice right now. Fingers crossed they get to human trials before I need a biopsy again.