The Russian Cage (Gunnie Rose #3)
by Charlaine Harris

Got this from NetGalley because I love Gunnie Rose. If you are also a fan of Gunnie Rose’s matter-of-fact, deadly, competence, and are fascinated with the dichotomy of her ability to read people’s intentions without understanding the emotional reasons behind those intentions, then you will also love this book. Not only do we get more of Gunnie Rose being who she is, but we also get to see Gunnie Rose stripped of her beloved colts, thrust into dresses, and having to deal with the arcane politics of her grigori lover, Eli’s, world.

Yes, we get to travel into the Russian Empire as Lizbeth must save Eli from high level political machinations involving the Tsar. She gets to spend alot of time both with her sister, who isn’t as little or helpless as she presented herself to be in Segundo Mexia, and another grigori named Felix who resents her and then grudgingly comes to respect her competence.

Oh, she also has to win over Eli’s mother!

I missed some of the gunfighting and Eli’s magic-working from prior books, but for those of us shippers we get some quite satisfying developments (referenced after the fact, although a bit of lovely kissing) at the end of this story.

A fine addition to the Gunnie Rose saga. Don’t start the series with this book, however, do yourself a favor and follow along from the beginning. The Gunnie Rose we get here is a mature, self-confident one not only in her ability to kill, but ability to navigate who should be killed. I enjoy this version because i’ve journeyed along with her since she was just a hired gun on a crew 😉