House of Earth and Blood

(Crescent City #1)

by Sarah J. Maas

I am a little wrecked after reading this Urban Fantasy?Paranormal Romance centered in Crescent City, a city far from the ruling 6 Angels engaged in putting down a human rebellion. In Crescent City, humans are still the lowest on the totem pole, living in the worst of the sections of the city that are governed by shifters, fae, angels, and the shadow world.

In tone, steam-level, and a heroine desired by all and constantly thinking over the studly muscles of the Angels & Fae around her, this book felt alot like Moning’s Fever series. If you like Fever, you will love House of Earth and Blood.

And just like Fever, although there is a broken man and a girl just discovering her powers who at first look, seems like just party girl, there is also a central friendship relationship that provides alot of the emotional heft in the story.

Half-fae Bryce Quinlan works for a sorceress constantly threatening to turn her into an animal. When the sorceress gives her the job of tracking down the Fae’s missing Horn, Bryce must team up with a Fallen Angel known as the Shadow of Death to find the Horn, but also to find out the truth behind her best friend’s death.

There is sooooooo much going on here. Many of the lead characters could have PNR written just for them and whoever they’re ogling in the story. There’s also well-developed background on each character, and a surprise for Bryce’s past that I did not see coming at all, despite some hints sprinkled along the way.

And there’s a pivotal emotional moment so well crafted that it felt inevitable and obvious and yet I couldn’t keep myself from tearing up as Bryce experiences the moment as a Crescent City citizen that will decide her power and fate– it was amazing. And then I was immediately floored by how hokey the moment was, and yet how much I reacted anyway.

So there’s alot of emotion in this. But if you’re turned off by PNR focus on hunky males, you definitely will get irritated. I don’t mind it if there’s enough going on character-wise to support that, and in this book, there’s ALOT going on. Definitely will be going on to the next book.