The Prince of Secrets

(Stariel #2)

by A.J. Lancaster

Book two of this lovely little escapist European fantasy (slightly steampunk fae with references to elektrical updating of old estates, trains, etc) continues where we left off: Prince Hollowyn of ThousandSpire still trying his best to do his steward-like duties in the mortal faeland of Stariel, and also court Stariel’s Lord Valstar, Hetta.

The rumors have started, however, and the wyldfae have begun to invade Stariel since the Prince’s father abrogated the Iron Law keeping fae out of mortal realms. And Hetta and Wyn, despite their love, have to kiss in secret now. Only when they go to secure a bank loan from the town banker, an attack on Wyn ends up causing problems for the banker, and suddenly all fae are bad fae and Wyn’s secret is out.

If you liked the first book, this is the natural continuation of the storyline into how Wyn and Hetta will handle the blossoming of their friendship (you have to wait until the third book for the er…culmination however) and manage Hetta’s money troubles along with the difficult fact that Wyn is a Prince of a fae land in turmoil with bloodthirsty siblings.

It’s still got the feel of a cozy mystery however, as most of the action takes place either in town or in Stariel, and Hetta and Stariel’s relationship gets some deepening developments. For the really interesting plot stuff, you need to go on to the third book, however 😉