The Court of Mortals

(Stariel #3)

by A.J. Lancaster

Mortal and Fae politics collide as Wyn and Hetta get closer to each other and their desire to live as husband and wife. (Book three in this lovely escapist fantasy with fae and estates)

Only, it’s not that simple. Hetta has to get permission from Prydein’s queen, and mirroring her conundrum, Wyn has to get permission from the missing High King of Fae. Only, someone in the Northern Lords is badmouthing both of them and getting Hetta into trouble with the queen. When Hetta and Wyn travel to Meridon to get that permission, someone attacks Wyn and all the troubles start.

See, Hetta’s far from Stariel and their shared power, but ThousandSpire wants Wyn. This installment of the book is alot more action packed. There’s fighting of nightwyrms, developments between Lord Rakken (Wyn’s brother) and Marius Valstar’s powers, there’s pursuits and searches, and ultimately a showdown at the Maelstrom and a reckoning with the DuskRose spies.

And….some er…culmination in one lovely, poetically described (this book’s steam content is fairly low actually) encounter for Hetta and Wyn….that changes everything. Can’t wait for the fourth book where we’ll have to see what the fall out for Hetta and Wyn is of the choices they’ve made for Stariel and ThousandSpire…and their siblings.