Don’t miss this Lunar New Year’s sale organized by JC Kang. It includes Laura VanArendonk Baugh’s cozy trickster fox mystery : Kitsune-Tsuki.

My review:

I come from a Japanese Studies background so I always reading stories based on Japanese myths with an intention to enjoy– but also with the fear that the author will have coopted inappropriately or portrayed strangely the myths that I know and love.

No fear here. Baugh does a good job both with presenting a “who is the kitsune” mystery in the context of a nobleman’s impending wedding, as well as portraying some cool Onmyouji (shamanic curse worker) chants and rituals.

And, more interestingly for me because I love new takes or new information, there’s a shadow wolf character– a kind of ninja like policeman who searches with the main character, an Onmyouji named Tsurugu–who provides both interest and sense of danger.

There are certainly clues sprinkled throughout the hunt for the kitsune spirit about the twist ending, but I really didn’t see it coming until just before it happened, so very delightful to be fooled by a clever fox! I did feel the story ended too early for me, I wanted to spend more time with the main characters. That’s my only quibble.