Tokyo Boy likes to make instant ramen and dress it up with sauteed bean sprouts, marinated hard boiled eggs, freshly toasted-on-the-stove nori sheets, etc. So I asked him to make chicken chashu (the thinly sliced meat floating in bowls of ramen, usually pork).

Cooking with Dog has a chicken chashu recipe she makes in the microwave! Somehow while it does look good, the whole “Marinated” part doesn’t seem equal to other recipes.

Just One Cookbook, the other major source for my Japanese recipes, has a 2 hour pork belly one simmered in a pot.

Too much effort! There’s a reddit recipe for slow cooker chicken chashu…not sure how it was. Tokyo Boy’s initial effort was tender, juicy…but ultimately without the flavor I wanted. Maybe longer in the slow cooker?