Dragon Called

(Prince of the Other Worlds #1)

by Kara Lockharte (Goodreads Author), Cassie Alexander (Goodreads Author)

This is billed as a “slow burn sexy paranormal romance” but yeah, not so slow burn. They are kissing within minutes of meeting each other (all those pheromones you know) and are intimate quite soon after (mentally they fantasize about each other even before that!).

This is a tropes-front, “find your mate” rich boy dragon protector with hints of dominance kind of story. The two things that keep it from being a predictable 3 star story both have to do with the heroine: She’s not Caucasian and she’s a nurse. Like, a believable nurse with lingo and scheduling knowledge and she uses that nursing knowledge to save one of the dragon’s friends and also to muse about gross things like colons falling out of people’s stomachs and spilling open feces.

Those parts were awesome!

Otherwise, Andi Ngo gets hired by a mysterious rich man to spend an overnight, no questions asked, in his castle taking care of a patient. Only, mysterious man is actually Damien (we get his POV as well per the usual tropes) the gatekeeper, constantly keeping his aggressive dragon under wraps whilst ridding the world of gates between realms that let in monsters.

When one of the monsters appears in his castle with Andi still there….hijinks ensue. Pretty straightforward story requiring IMMENSE suspension of disbelief (he can pay a nurse 10,000 dollars for one night, why does he not have a doctor on call who can handle emergencies quietly? Why do they go to Andi’s hospital?) but is still quite steamy fun.

The story ends with Andi abruptly deciding they can’t be together for the usual “not really a reason” so possibly that’s what the booknotes meant about slow burn, that the romance is going to be drawn out (although they’ve already gone through some of the best parts) across books for plot reasons?