Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone

by Brené Brown

Brene Brown has a lot of important things to say in this book about being being who we are and being authentic in our lives. She brings in alot of other wise folks to say wise things like “have a strong back and a soft front”, or anecdotes about kids who can instantly pinpoint the difference between “belonging” (being who you are with a group of friends) and “fitting in” (trying to be like your group of friends).

I had to read in short chunks not only because of the emotional-psychological depth of what was being said, but because alot of it is written out in essay form without a ton of grounding stories. For my personal taste, I’m looking for narrative and stories with a light sauce of philosophy and self-help talk. This is mostly the latter with a bit of the former.

Still, I think we need writers like Brown to remind us of the importance of being who we are as well as the importance of human connection.