The Jade Temptress

(The Pingkang Li Mysteries #2)

by Jeannie Lin

I loved the first installment of this historical China romance mystery. (Try saying that three times in a row quickly). In this book we return back to Tang Dynasty and the pleasure quarter Lotus Palace where the older sister of the first book’s protagonist, Mingyu reigns as a high place courtesan under the patronage of Imperial General Deng.

Only Deng gets murdered and Mingyu is under suspicion again. Constable Wu, the policeman who painfully questioned her in the last book, is who she turns to for protection.

Constable Wu has solidly reigned in his emotions behind thick walls. He has secrets of his own, and has made his new life around being concerned only with justice and truth. While his Magistrate boss appreciates that about him, else where political enemies are more concerned with the weakness in his armor: Mingyu.

He can’t seem to stay away from her. And she dreams of freedom from the Lotus Palace and male protectors.

Lots of fun details about tea, musical instruments, robes, etc. This one was definitely more romance-focused with a romance style ending and each protagonist ruminating on how they can never be together. Still quite interesting story and satisfyingly steamy.