Ashes of Honor

(October Daye #6)

by Seanan McGuire

This is book six, and while it does give us some developments on the King of Cats front, it also is falling into a well-worn groove that at times can be a tad wearisome.

Toby gets called on to find a missing child. Toby puts herself in danger. Toby gets hurt and all her friends tell her she needs to stop putting herself in danger. Toby goes back and forth amongst various knowes and counties. Toby demands coffee.

I guess its the to-ing and fro-ing that get to me? It seems like a lot of pointless wandering around especially in this book because the child she’s after this time is fellow knight Etienne’s daughter, who is teleporting all around the realms, including ones Oberon closed, and ripping holes in the fabric of space.

Because Etienne and his daughter can teleport, just going around from knowe to knowe with a magic beacon/tracking device doesn’t seem like the smartest of all plans. And I’m left wondering, when Etienne rejoins the search in the last third of the book….what took them so long?

Anyway, that grumpy observation aside, the reason you read October Daye books isn’t the plot, its to spend time with Toby, Tybalt, her squire Quentin, April and the Ludaieg. They’re comfortable and interesting, and the flirtation between Tybalt and Toby, where he tries something and she tells him “not now” actually gets attended to several times. We get to hear a little about his feelings, and we get a much more nuanced take on him traveling the shadow roads with Toby which was pretty fun.

We’ll see if Etienne and his daughter become more prominent in subsequent books or if the big bad of this book makes a reappearance later on, too.