Knitting Frog & Toad: Part One the naked frog

Knitting Frog & Toad: Part Two fiddly chaos

Knitting Frog & Toad: Part Three pantsed!

Knitting Frog & Toad: Straight Jacket

Knitting Frog & Toad: Part Five Toad-ally ahead of the game

spread eagled and surrounded by turtles

Houston, we have Toad. I managed to get through all the fiddly bits without major trauma this time. Allright, this picture of my turtle collection holding Toad down after he was washed and blocked (to try to straighten out those curly curly fingers) looks traumatic, but I promise you, no knitted Toads were harmed in the drying process.

A trick I learned from knitting Frog was that instead of just weaving in all the loose ends– use them to tighten up the kneecaps, arm joins, wrists, etc. In other words, close up all the loose places BEFORE you stuff him with the ground walnuts scented with lavender.

Also, I actually closely read the pattern where you cut open eyeholes in the face and discovered you don’t cut the vertical stitch, but the underlying horizonal bar underneath. Yeah, it’s like tooooooons easier than what I did for Frog. Apparently reading the instructions helps. Who’d a thunk?

I think when I put the stitch markers on his face I didn’t quite get the same row of stitches, consequently Toad’s eyeballs are a tad uneven. oh well.

Since I wasn’t panicking over mutliple leakages, and I could easily unravel the provisional cast on (due to it being a different color) the actual stuffing process also took half the time of Frog…and I managed to stuff him pleasantly plump and finished his head off with kitchener stitch.

auditioning for a Kris LIndahl real estate billboard

I think he turned out quirky and cute…if a bit grumpy. He’s a big smaller/shorter than Frog, obviously, so the remaining ball of yarn is quite big. I feel like I have enough yarn to make another three pairs of these guys (but I have other projects in my TBK pile–including UF author Devon Monk’s stone the gargoyle-– so they’ll have to wait).

It’s onward to his swimsuit now. I only broke ONE needle in the making of Toad, so apparently I’ve learned how to be more consistent with stitch pressure was well. No fun shows watched during this part…just me trying out different shows not really liking anything enough to stick with it, although The Hollow (animated short program about three teens who wake up with amnesia in a fantastical world and solve puzzles to try and get home) and Pedro Pascal and his weirdly archaic speech patterns in the low-budget but not unentertaining movie Prospect got me through most of the stuffing process.

It certainly is going to be weird not to have frogs and toads laying around the house, my usual scarves, hats, and socks are going to feel quite tame!

Knitting Frog & Toad: Part six the end of the Toad