Knitting Frog & Toad: Part One the naked frog

Knitting Frog & Toad: Part Two fiddly chaos

Knitting Frog & Toad: Part Three pantsed!

Knitting Frog & Toad: Straight Jacket

Knitting Frog & Toad: Part Five Toad-ally ahead of the game

Knitting Frog & Toad: everything but the bathing suit

Well, there he is. Toad is done, which means he is now reunited with his friend Frog. The bathing suit went really, really fast. Possibly due to Netflix’s Shadow & Bone miniseries.

I have read the first two books of the Grishaverse trilogy as well as the Six of Crows duology (which I gave 5 stars), I haven’t ventured into the Nikolai/Sturmhond king of scars yet (there’s only so much complicated angst I could handle this pandemic year).

The Darkling tests Alina for Grisha powers

They did a great job with the show: the sets, the costumes, the casting (yay biracial Alina!) and I even approve of the decision to weave in somewhat sketchy “prequel” (not book cannon) Crow gang story into the show despite the fact that it kind of shortchanged Kaz & the Gang.

Anyway, the 8 episodes sure made for engrossing TV to watch whilst I was knitting Toad’s bathing suit. It was much more straightforward than I thought it would be, starting with the waist, dividing for the legs, and then picking up stitches to knit the little bib at the top. The pattern calls for knitting/finishing the armholes and neckholes with a bind off stitch…I opted just to do the neckhole. And I’m kind of glad I didn’t do the armholes because I might have overstuffed Toad’s belly and it was a little tricky getting the bathing suit on! Finishing it with a bind off would have tightened those armholes even more.

Anyway, I have quite a lot of yarn left over (and 8 out of 12 needles!) at the end here. Definitely enough for at least another set……but don’t get too excited. I have three other projects lined up I have to get to first: a pair of spider fingerless mitts, a gargoyle, and a dragon scale pattern scarf. Not to mention all the sock yarn I got for Christmas just waiting for me.

enough yarn leftover for maybe two more sets?

It took me a total of two months (one month and a week for Frog and teaching myself knitting with dpns, and then about three weeks for Toad) to knit the two friends.

When I first started, you could buy Frog and Toad for $40 each off of Etsy…..I don’t see them there anymore, although I do see a crocheted version that seems like a simplified version of the Frog & Cast pattern. The yarn my friend bought cost a lot...I see cheaper versions (but maybe it was so expensive because of the amount of yarn). I definitely think you could buy your own colors not in a kit and make a fine pair of friends.

All in all, the experience of knitting Frog & Toad was really cool. I learned new skills and gained confidence as a knitter, and added amigurumi to my repertoire of mainly accessories.

Well, off to start casting on stitches for the spider mitts 🙂